Your Perfect Dress

The Shift Dress
The shift dress is the most flattering outfit for any body type, whether you are thin or very heavy. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this classic style. If you can purchase but one item of clothing, the shift dress is it. There is no other clothing style that will flatter a lady's body better than a shift.
Whether you are apple or pear, slim or curvy there are key elements to look for when shopping. One need only consider the following elements when determining which shift to choose.
Key Elements for Any Shape
There are a few simple guidelines one may consider when dressing to best advantage. Acknowledging your basic body shape and dressing for it is important, and knowing whether you are a bit more pear shaped than apple shaped is beneficial, but knowing which clothing lengths, shapes, and fabrics are most flattering to you is key.  The proper cut, drape, and taper are essential to a flattering effect on a figure.
Creating Illusion
-Avoid knit jersey, as is universally UNflattering. It is not of a quality that will hold up.
-Choose natural fibers that are thicker and have a solidity. 
-Find a shift that is most tapered at the lower ribs. This will always be the slimmest part of your silhouette, and you simply cannot go wrong remembering this guideline. Also, this shape accommodates fluctuations in weight.
-A boat neck is especially flattering to those who are pear shaped, who have narrow shoulders, and those who wish to off-set broader hips by creating the illusion of a more even proportion.
-A V-neck is universally flattering. For those with very broad shoulders a boat neck collar will unflatteringly emphasized them, but a V-neck or a rounded neck lends pretty symmetry.
-Ruffles will add thickness and bulk to the upper-body, and I have rarely seen them actually improve a lady's appearance. Unless you have extremely wide hips in proportion to a tiny upper body, it is best to leave ruffles to children.
-A sleeveless style is always more flattering than a cap-sleeve, even heavier arms are shown to better advantage sleeveless.  However, there are many occasions when a sleeveless style is inappropriate.  The flattering cardigan or jacket are then necessary.  Plus, they offer opportunities for lovely enhancements and embellishments. 
-A three-quarter sleeve is the most flattering sleeve length for anyone. If you are carrying a bit more weight than your build can comfortably accommodate, then make sure the sleeve hits your arm at the highest slim point. This creates the illusion of a long, slim, graceful wrist and hand, and it actually elongates the look of the arm better than a long sleeve.
-A back zipper will pull the fabric of your dress a bit behind you, creating a more flattering silhouette.
-Even if you are self-conscious about your weight, do not choose a loose-fitting dress, it will just create boxy bulk. It is especially important for women who are thicker through the waist to choose a shift that will be form fitting.
-A shift is always most flattering when it comes to the middle-to-top of the knee.
Remember, Keep It Slim At The Lower Rib Cage
The proportion is perfect and the lines of the dress are quite flattering.
A dress is tapered at the lower rib cage allows for comfortable movement, and a flat front style
offers a smooth, tailored effect.
The Plus Size Shift
There is simply no other outfit so flattering to a fuller silhouette than the shift.  One needs simply to compare images of a clothing catalog's plus-sized model in a shift to images of her in other outfits to see the difference the shift makes.
Perfect Maternity Wear
The shift dress is always a lovely and dignified choice. Again, gentle tapering at the lower rib cage allows for comfort and movement without creating a bulky silhouette.  A three-quarter sleeve slims and elongates the wrist and allows for comfort and coverage.