Southern Lady

Return to Southern Tradition
It is disheartening to consider
the modern notions of southern womanhood.
The depictions of female southernness
in literature, television and movies
are bawdy,
and not only unintelligent
but anti-intelligent.
It is a disrespect to true southern womanhood,
yet sadly,
southern women buy into it,
support it,
and mimic it.
I fear fewer and fewer southern girls
are being raised in the old ways,
and they turn to the television version as a model.
Southern Wedding Day
In a time when young ladies
wear revealing wedding dresses
with exposed corsetry in church weddings,
wish to look sexy on their wedding day,
perform choreographed dances at their receptions...
it is perhaps appropriate that we explore examples of lovely weddings,
which are respectful of faith,
mindful of tradition,
and examples of true femininity.
Restoring The Southern Lady
It is my wish that we restore the old virtues of the Southern Lady.
The true southern lady is pious, modest, and dignified.
These true southern ladies
whose virtues bless the home,
whose accomplishments embellish the hearth,
whose intelligence is sharpened and taste carefully cultivated,
and whose beauty is based in femininity...
shall return our culture to what is great
and what is true.