Gracious Southern Womanhood

Old Southern Ways
I was born into the graceful world of the South, and I want to care for the old customs and manners. I believe many southern women long for the quiet dignity of our past.
Southern Cooking
I believe in the rituals of southern home cooking. Many southern women rely on the time-honored recipes passed down through generations and across centuries. I stood at my mother's side as she mixed ingredients in the bowls her mother used, and her mother's mother, and on and on.
Southern Homemaking
We want to maintain the old fashioned gentle arts of gracious homemaking. We care for our homes, as we know these things entrusted to our hands will become the heirlooms in our family's future.
Southern Heritage
Southern women cherish family heirlooms, whether it be grand furnishings, Grandmother's wooden mixing spoon, or the tender family stories and the sweet old hymns. We believe in preserving the blessings from our past in the face of an impersonal, modernized society.
I hope to find more southern women who share a reverence for our lovely traditional ways.