Southern Perfume

Springtime Fragrance
A high quality perfume is an important component to the southern woman's refined, thoughtfully composed wardrobe. Southern women believe in investing in the highest quality skincare and perfumes.
Southern women are serious about scent. We have grown up among heady southern flowers, spicy pine forests, the deep iron scent of red clay earth, and the garden bounty of Mother's kitchen. We know that our perfumes must shine for attention.
It can be a challenge to fine a lovely perfume suitable to the heat and intense humidity of the Deep South. Not only is a heavy perfume unpleasant on a sticky day, the south is alive with fragrance, and many perfumes would clash. There are two lovely perfumes I would recommend for springtime in the south.
Chanel Gardenia
Chanel Gardenia was first introduced in 1925. This most refined scent is reminiscent of southern white flowers. It is delicate and charming, not at all aggressive, and perfectly suitable for a young lady. There is a hint of orange blossom, but it is softer and not as creamy.
Chanel's Gardenia does not actually smell like gardenias, but this can be a good thing, as the scent of gardenia can only be artificially manufactured and is cloyingly heavy and sweet.
This scent is not always available, as Chanel chooses to present it as a limited edition. Do not fret, because it always makes a return.  However, there is a possibility it has been reformulated and is not quite as delicate.
Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil
Update: It seems to have been reformulated.  The supple aqueous nature is gone.  Now, it is an obvious, less nuanced green.
This is a suitable hot weather fragrance. It is fresh and green with a clean, slightly citrus note. It is reminiscent of cool, crisp water. Lovely clean skin after a day
in the sun might be its most accurate description.
This perfume elicits many complements, as it is such a lovely foil to our hot and humid days. Its uplifting and sophisticated scent is suitable for young ladies.
An important aspect to acknowledge is the very high quality of this perfume. It is immediately apparent that Hermes does not spare expense when creating perfumes. It is the perfectly refined, high-quality perfume for our sunny southern springtime.