Secrets For Beautiful Skin

Wild-caught Atlantic Salmon
Good, healthful food improves the mind, the body, and the skin.  Few choices will make such visible improvements as quickly as adding a lovely portion of salmon to your day will. 
Beauty Treatment
I eat wild-caught salmon for an extended time as a beauty treatment. This is a miracle for your skin. You WILL see the difference in your skin within a week.
Simple Is Best
I simply add a bit of sea salt to it before baking, and that is it. It is perfectly fine to add fresh garden herbs to it. Fresh rosemary or dill will complement salmon beautifully, and both improve skin, too.  A complementary pepper sauce aids in enhancing, rather than masking, salmon's delicate flavor.  Louisiana Hot Sauce is a tangy, rather astringent foil for the unctuous salmon.
Pretty In A Can
When I am unable to find a nice piece of salmon, I do rely on a very good canned version.
I buy Honey Boy Skinless Boneless Red Salmon, 6 oz (it has a black lid), and I buy it in bulk. 
If you must choose only one food to add to your diet, this is the one.
If you are unable to find this brand, do please choose one which CLEARLY STATES: Wild-caught Atlantic salmon, boneless and skinless.